Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Christmastime Thoughts From Kids

Anyone who knows me I have a soft spot for children. I’m big, loud and intimidating, but get me around kids and I become one. So, when I get letters and cards from little kids I read them all and look at the carefully crafted artwork. Mostly though, it never ceases to amaze me the honesty in how they express themselves. Below is a collection of things kids ages 7-10 have written me this year:

“Dear Hero Merry Christmas. I hope you do not die in a war” – Autumn

“You will be on my mind when your cold and lonely while I’m opening my Christmas Presents from under the tree” – Brooke

“Thank you so much for fighting for us. It’s so great that you will sacrifice your life for America” – anonymous

“Be wise in everything you do. Be safe at your job. Be careful in the war” –Drew

“Your every little girl and boys hero, and the entire U.S” – Casey

“…I hope you don’t get hurt out there. If you do then you can wish that this world or a team mate can help you” – Dominique

“I hope you are okay. To me you soldiers are like a god. When I grow up I am going to be a soldier.” – Brian

“I hope you all have a good Christmas and other good holidays. Good luck in the wars” – Jordan

“...I salute you soldier” – Taylor

“I hope you get lots of presents because you fight two keep us free. I hope your team wins and you can have a very happy Christmas.” Ilona

“Dear Soldier, Some people think presents is a great thing but not to me the great gift is having freedom” –Kyra

“I hope you have a happy Christmas. Your family miss you. Stay safe and keep us free don’t frgit” –Lexi

“Please be very very safe ok. I’m very very sorry you guys don’t get your Christmas. Ok guys win the war.” –anonymous

“I hope you come home safely. I now how hard it must be. Just thinking about it makes me want to cry” –Erica

“I’m sorry you can’t celbrat Christmas weth your family. But this card is going to make you light up” – Angel

“You have fought well for us. I really wish you could spend Christmas with your family this year but you are fighting for us. Please don’t lose and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. If you get to celebrate I hope you can win on Christmas but it would have to be a miracle” -Cory